I’ve lashed out and spent a little money on server upgrades. Everybody’s web sites and applications should be at least twice as fast and fifty times as reliable as it has been for the last few weeks.

Technically speaking, I have done a little housekeeping:

  • Increased the amount of memory from a shared 1GB to 2GB. That’s not much, not even for a laptop, but still should be plenty for a server that runs nothing but apache, mysql and a django instance. We’re not running any Java services or back-end processing.
  • Added a 2GB swap partition to the server. I needed at least as much swap space as I had memory, but the servers at rackspace don’t come with dedicated partitions for swap space, so I added the swap space using a swap file. The commands mkswap and swapon can be used to set this up on Linux.
  • Doubled the CPU power with a second processor. Actually, it’s an instance of a virtual CPU, since this is a virtual server on a machine that must be running a couple of other servers simultaneously. /proc/cpuinfo says (model name : AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4170 HE, cpu MHz : 2100.056, cache size : 512 KB, cpu cores : 2, bogomips : 4200.11) so that should be fast enough to run as many apache threads we like without effort.
  • Doubled the speed, from 120 Mb/s to 240 Mb/s. We have always prided ourselves on having a low latency service, with far better performance than any overseas hosting operation, but with the addition of this network capacity we blow them away in raw download time as well.