Swap space, more memory. more speed

I’ve lashed out and spent a little money on server upgrades. Everybody’s web sites and applications should be at least twice as fast and fifty times as reliable as it has been for the last few weeks.

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Mark Bones biopropertysolutions.com

Got a new site for you today, just completed biopropertysolutions.com for Mark Bones’ local pre-purchase property inspections.

The main new feature was the programmatic creation of documents.  The pre-purchase inspection agreement request form result is delivered as a docx file, which should immediately be delivered to Word.  The document is assembled using a python cgi script.  That would make it my first ever python cgi script.


 <Directory /var/www/sites/biopropertysolutions/python>
   Options +ExecCGI
   DirectoryIndex index.py
 AddHandler cgi-script .py .docx

Service update

During the last three months there have been the series of short outages. All issues related to these outages have been dealt with, and action has been taken to prevent these outages from recurring.

If anyone is interested in my mistakes — Memory issues were caused by the Apache processed spawning too many child processes to deal with incoming requests. Adjusting the apache processes with this code change should reduce the number of processes and prevent memory issues:

<ifmodule mpm_prefork_module="">
StartServers 2
MinSpareServers 2
MaxSpareServers 5
MaxRequestWorkers 15
MaxConnectionsPerChild 0

Developing Android Apps?

People keep telling me they are thinking of getting into Android application development, and want to know where to start.  I have to tell you first, if you have had no experience in developing programs, you are in for a bit of a shock. Even the simplest application can require hundreds or thousands of lines of code.  If that doesn’t put you off… read on!

Step 1.

Do you have kids who want to start programming? Do you have no interest in getting serious this early, and just want to dip a toe in the water and build some simple games?  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a kid-friendly learning tool called “scratch” that lets you construct programs using blocks, similar to constructing buildings and devices out of Lego.

Scratch Overview from ScratchEd on Vimeo.

If you are an adult that wants to write real computer programs and understand how real programs work, or if you have exhausted the world of Scratch, I heartily recommend this course:


Step 2.

Let’s concentrate on Java, the language used to develop Android apps. This course doesn’t hit Android specifically, but teaches the Java fundamentals you are going to need.


Step 3.

The Google-recommended course for applying your newfound Java skills app development can be found here:


Once you have all these courses and knowledge under your belt, you can start doing some android development, perhaps writing games using the libgdx library or accessing web services using the Volley library.

Lastly, never stop learning!  Every six months you should be able to look back on your progress over the previous six months, and if you are not amazed at how little you knew half a year ago you are not working hard enough.


Second big commercial contract complete!


Flemington Android app is completed and published on google play! You can download it now.  A big thank-you to everyone who was so understanding.

Flemington guide

Now that this has been completed I’m free to work on YOUR projects, YOUR website and app development for promotions of events in South Western Victoria.  Hooray!


We have moved

You’ll find the new offices at the back of the old Sandilands restaurant. Just follow the path round the left side of the building and check yourself in at reception.

ConductHQ contract started

With the creation of another version of this website, I have to say that if you have not yet ordered your new website by now, then there might be some delay in delivery.

I have started two separate contracts at ConductHQ to develop android apps for two high-profile clients. I hope to publish details of the new apps here when it is delivered to those clients. You will be able to download them both from the Google Play store.

If you have a simple site, I might be able to connect with you and get a product deployed within the month, rather than my old promise of delivery within the week.