Premium Plan

One step beyond the ordinary

For the customer who demands complete access and complete control, our Premium plan gives you all the products from the Economy plan, plus the ability to import and create your own templates. You can manage your own wordpress plugins, ftp your own content, and build whatever takes your fancy.

Ready within the week

Still ready within a week! Your initial consultation, site design, site prototype evaluation and final site design can be up and running within five working days.

Your own domain name

Choose a domain name, or let us research a number of matching domain names to suit the name of your club or business. We recommend short, easy-to-remember domain names like or .  Registration, ongoing maintenance and registration costs and technical contact (annoying emails from third party service providers) are handled by us!

Five email addresses

Don’t you want to be instead of Get youself a set of email addresses that redirect queries to your own email address. Get the professional look on your business cards.

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