We have a variety of products to suit your budget and requirements. For as little as $199 plus $19 per month, you can have a worldwide accessible website for your product, club, business, or individual.

Note – these are introductory prices only, and may rise during 2016.  If price is important to you, call now to lock in these 2014 prices!

Beyond the basics, you are likely to need a selection of other products to make up a viable electronic marketing presence, such as:

  • your own domain name
  • multiple email addresses
  • hard disk space
  • ftp access
  • ssh access
  • template designs
  • custom back-end functions and databases
  • mobile and PC applications
  • secure shopping
  • training

Through all this confusing array of possible products, you can choose from three fixed-price basic packages.  These packages have been distilled from the standard range of functions that the typical business will require.

Please call for a free consultation, where we can discover other products that might benefit your business.

Basic plan Economy plan Premium plan Custom plan
Initial price $199 $299 $399 $599+
First hour consultation $FREE $FREE $FREE $FREE
Monthly price $19 $29 $39 $59
Website  yes  yes  yes  yes
Ready in 1 week?  yes  yes yes  no
Separate Domain name, including maintenance?* no  yes  yes  yes
Five email addresses under your domain name  no  yes  yes  yes
Ftp access  no  no  yes yes
Custom templates  no  no  yes  yes
Customer site creation  no  no  yes yes
Overswell custom development  no  no  no  yes


Other services

After your initial consultation, other services are also available to you, and will be charged at $50 per hour.

Fixed price contracts

We are willing to negotiate extended engagements for a fixed price contract, but these will be estimated based on the $50 per hour.

We do not charge GST on our products, and do not issue tax invoices.